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About Laser Power & Infra

Laser is in the business of manufacturing & marketing of HT/LT Power & Control, Aerial Bunched Cable upto 11 Kv and ACSR/AAAC/AAC Conductors for all Industry Verticals. The Company has attained its position as a Leader in this business by virtue of its cost-effectiveness, reliability and Product Quality. This is reflected in its approval and appreciation from Customers meeting stringent Technical requirements. Laser has invested over the years in R & D and Infrastructure to ensure Technical compliance of customer requirements to their satisfaction. Needless to mention that Laser Cables has its own PROPERZI Aluminium Rod rolling Mill to manufacture Aluminium rod from Ingots ensuring proper Quality and cost competetiveness.

Product Range :

Laser provides a wide range of Products from LT Power & Control Cables to 11 KV cable to Aerial Bunched Cable upto 11 KV ,providing a single point solution to Power Transportation. All the Cables are manufactured as per the Indian and International Standards.

  • LT Power Cable
  • LT Control Cable
  • HT Cable upto 33 KV
  • LT Aerial Bunched Cable
  • HT Aerial Bunched Cable upto 33 KV
  • Railway Signaling Cable
  • LT PVC Copper flexible Cables
  • Instrumentation Cable
  • Laser also manufactures Aluminium Wire Rod and Aluminium-Alloy Wire Rod.

Manufacturing :

Laser Cables and Conductors are produced in the State-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Jangalpur and at Dhulagarh, Howrah, West Bengal.

The area of the Jangalpur Plant is 1,50,000 sqft. The current annual capacity stands at 3000 km for XLPE Cable, 20000 km for Aerial Bunched Cable, 2000 km for Railway Signalling Cable, 50000 km for AAC/ACSR Conductor, 15000 Km for PVC Cable.

The area of the Dhulagarh Plant is 1,75,000 sqft. The current annual capacity stands at 18000 km for XLPE Cable, 15000 km for Aerial Bunched Cable, 10000 km for Railway Signalling Cable, 30000 km for AAC/AAAC Conductor, 100000 km for ACSR Conductor.