Approval for Control Cables by Power grid

Approval for ACSR & AAC Conductor by Powergrid

Indian Railway Approval for RDSO Supplies

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. Approval for HT Power Cables

Approval for Brand Laser under PWD, GOVERNMENT OF WEST BENGAL

Approval for HT Power Cable, Control Cable & ACSR Conductors at Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Ltd

Approval for HT & LT Power Cables & Control Cables at Telegana State Power Generation Corporation Ltd.

Approval for various types of Conductors at Eastern Power Distribution Company of A.P. Limited

Approval for Various Cables & Conductors at South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited

Transmission Corporation of AP. LTD. Vendor Registration for HT, LT, Control Power Cables Aerial bunches Conductors, ACSR (Moose) Zebra AAAC, AAC