Test Facility

A consistent high level of quality is an integral part of our products. The entire process at Laser Power & Infra Pvt Ltd, from Product Planning to Delivery is constantly Tested & Monitored at par with any Relevant Standards followed World Wide. We have a state-of-the-art testing facility with the Highest standard, High Accuracy modern Testing Equipment / Instruments /Apparatus. Our testing equipment is constantly upgraded to carry out quality checks and testing.
All products manufactured are passed through stringent quality parameters that include testing of Raw Materials, In Process Goods, Finished Goods, Routine Test, and Type Test according to the relevant standard like EN, IS, BS, IEC, DIN, ASTM, NFC, RDSO etc.

Following are the Advanced Equipment with a High Degree of  Testing Accuracy

In-process Testing Equipment Like X-Ray Diameter, Thickness & Concentricity measurement system from Sikora, Germany.

In the process Diameter controller along with Pressur monitoring in extrusion lines

Testing facility for Low Voltage Power, Control and Aeria Bunched Cable

Testing facility for High Voltage Power Cable up to 66 kV and MV Aerial Bunched Cable

Testing facility for FRLSH Cable

Testing facility for RDSO approved Railway Signalling Cable

Testing facility for RDSO approved Railway Telecom Quad Cable

Testing facility for Medium Voltage Covered Conductor

Testing facility for Overhead Transmission Conductor like AAAC, ACSR, AAC

Testing facility for PVC Compounding & Formulation

Testing facility for Aluminium Rod, Aluminium Alloy Rods, Copper Rods along with the latest Spectral Equipment.

Testing Facility for GI wires & Strips

Typical Tests Include

Dimensional Test

Precise Measurements of Dimensions using Micrometre, Vernier Callipers, Digital Profile Projectors and Software-Aided Visual Devicess

Mechanical and Physical test

Tensile Strength, Elongation, Hot Set, Water Absorption, Shrinkage, Cold bend, Cold Impact, Longitudinally Water Tightness Test Etc

Electrical Test

Conductor Resistance, Insulation Resistance Capacitance, Partial Discharge Measurement, Tan Delta Measurement, lightning Impulse Test, Reactance, Impedance, Cross Talk, Heating Cycle Test, AC High Voltage, DC High voltage Etc.

Material Test

Flame Retardant Properties Like; Flammability Test, HCL Test, Smoke Density Test, Oxygen Index, Temperature Index Etc.

Chemical Test

Mass of Zinc Coating, Uniformity of Zinc Coating for Galvanized Steel Wire, Persulphate Test for Tinned Copper, Specific Gravity Test for Polymers Etc