Laser cable produces HT Power cable with XLPE Insulation of Voltage grade upto 11KV(UE) conforming to Indian and various international Standards.

HT plant is equipped with heavy duty machines for wire drawing, conductor manufacturing, laying up, armouring (Strip and Round wire), Sheathing and packaging.

The manufacturing process starts with compact circular conductor being fed to the extruder. The conductor passes through the extruders crosshead, it is covered with semi conducting layer then the XLPE Insulation followed by a layer of semi conductor layer as core screen. The core is cured followed by lapping of copper tape. Core is tested for partial discharge. Cores are laid up with fillers, provided with inner sheath, armoured and finally outer sheathed. Outer sheath can be PVC, FRLS, ZHFR.

Laser manufacturing process ensures quality cables for all Industry Verticals. All latest techniques and new generation compounds are used to ensure fast curing, superior electrical & mechanical properties, dimensional controls and higher productivity.

Extrusion process is carried out in contamination free atmosphere to ensure that the insulation is free from any micro voids and negligible moisture content.

The manufacturing process is controlled by sophisticated instruments to ensure top quality.

Cables are produced strictly as per quality plan and tested in fully equipped Test lab to ensure best quality products are produced as per design and specifications.

Applicable standard :

IS7098/Part 2/1985