Laser Cable produces LT Power Cable with PVC or XLPE Insulation of Voltage grade upto 3.3 Kv conforming to Indian and various International Standards.

Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) :

XLPE means crosslinked Polyethylene. The compound is based on high molecular weight polymer. High degree of crosslinking is attained in the processed form and thus attains excellent electrical and mechanical properties.

Advantages of XLPE Cables :

  • Higher current rating allows to select lower size of XLPE cable compared to PVC cable
  • Higher short circuit rating 250C compared to 160C that for PVC cables
  • Resistant to heat deformation while PVC is prone to heat deformation
  • Respective short circuit/overload condition is reliable
  • Lower dielectric loss
  • Jointing & Termination is easy
  • Lighter in weight considering lower overall diameter

Comparative properties of PVC and XLPE Insulation :

Characteristics Unit PVC XLPE
Permitivity(50 Hz, 200) - 4-6 2.3
Dielectric loss factor (50 Hz, 200) - 0.05-0.07 0.0004
Volume Resistivity (270C) Ohms cm (min) 10^13 10^14
Max. conductor temperature Deg. C 70 90
Max. short circuit temperature Deg. C 12.5 12.5
Tensile Strength N/mm2 (min) 12.5 12.5
Elongation at break - Excellent Medium
Flexibility at - 100C - Poor Good
Resistance to abrasion - Medium Good

Applicable Standards :

  • PVC Power & Control Cable : IS 1554/Part 1/1988
  • XLPE Power & Control Cable : IS 7098/Part 1/1988