• Description

    Laser MV Power Cables (3.3 kV to 33 kV Earthed and Unearthed) comprises of Single and Three-core Copper / Aluminum Conductor, Conductor Screened with Extruded Semiconducting compound, XLPE Insulated, insulation screened with Semiconducting Compound in combination with Copper tape / Copper wire screened, PVC ST2 / FR / FRLSH Inner Sheathed Armored with / Galvanized Steel (Aluminum in case of single-core cable) Flat / Round wire Armored and Overall PVC ST2 / FR / FRLSH sheathed cable as per IS, IEC, NFC standards, from 35 sq.mm to 1000 sq.mm.

    Our cables are made from high-performance polymers, and through a CCV line, dry gas cured system with Triple-layer crossheads and Sikora X-Ray systems. XLPE insulated cross-linked polyethylene insulated cables offer extraordinary strength to withstand high voltages.

  • Usage

    - Utilized as HT (High Tension) cables for underground voltage transmission systems,
    replacing overhead transmissions
    - Offer better electrical and mechanical thermal properties along with light weight